RA 7079: Campus Journalism Act

SEC. 4. Student Publication. – A student publication is published by the student body through an editorial board and publication staff composed of students selected by fair and competitive examinations.

Once the publication is established, its editorial board shall freely determine its editorial policies and manage the publication’s funds.

SEC. 5. Funding of Student Publication. – Funding for the student publication may include the savings of the respective school’s appropriations, student subscriptions, donations, and other sources of funds.

In no instance shall the Department of Education, Culture and Sports or the school administration concerned withhold the release of funds sourced from the savings of the appropriations of the respective schools and other sources intended for the student publication. Subscription fees collected by the school administration shall be released automatically to the student publication concerned.

SEC. 6. Publication Adviser. – The publication adviser shall be selected by the school administration from a list of recommendees submitted by the publication staff.  The function of the adviser shall be limited to one of technical guidance.

SEC. 7. Security of Tenure. – A member of the publication staff must maintain his or her status as student in order to retain membership in the publication staff.  A student shall not be expelled or suspended solely on the basis of articles he or she has written, or on the basis of the performance of his or her duties in the student publication.

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